Useful Links

Share what you see

  • Climate Watch

    An initiative from the EarthWatch Institute. Observe your favourite plants and wildlife through the seasons, and record changes online to help scientists respond to climate change. And there’s an app for that!

  • Habitat Stepping Stones on Facebook

    Join our Facebook community and share your pictures and stories.

  • Habitat Stepping Stones on Twitter

    Keep up with what's happening in the natural world.

Soak up some knowledge

  • Australian Native Plant Society

    A comprehensive guide to Australia’s native plants.

  • Australian Plants Society NSW

    A leading source of information on many aspects of native plants.

  • A Wild Garden

    A 4-minute Gardening Australia segment about the joys of having a wild garden.

  • Birds in Backyards

    Learn about our native birds, their habitats and how you can make your garden more bird friendly.

  • FrogID

    Discover which frogs live around you.

  • Gardening with Angus

    Angus Stewart, the native garden guru from ABC TV's Gardening Australia program shares lots of helpful information, tips and videos about using native plants in our gardens.

  • Growing Habitat

    This lovely 5-minute video from ABC TV's Gardening Australia program shows Angus Stewart visiting the garden of one of the first participants in our Habitat Stepping Stones program.

  • Habitat Network

    For more information about creating habitat.

  • How to build a frog pond

    Build it and they will come!

  • Insect Hotels

    Wonderful inspiration and information about creating insect hotels.

  • Pool to Pond

    Another 5-minute video from ABC TV's Gardening Australia program, this time all about turning your old swimming pool into a pond full of life!

  • Sustainable Gardening Australia

    Loads of helpful information about creating a sustainable garden, including tips on designing your garden, growing veggies, solving problems and setting up a community garden. There's even a free monthly newsletter!

Join a community group

  • Bushcare NSW

    Volunteer bushcare groups around New South Wales.

  • WildThings NSW

    A community group helping to promote and protect urban wildlife.

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  • Tall plants
  • Water
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  • Bird baths
  • Water features
  • Ponds
  • Shelter
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  • Rock / Brush piles
  • Nest boxes
  • Shelter plants