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  • Australian Native Plant Society

    A comprehensive guide to Australia’s native plants.

  • Australian Plants Society (NSW)

    A leading source of information on many aspects of native plants.

  • Australian Plants Society (VIC)

    Includes helpful info on selecting, growing and caring for native plants.

  • A Wild Garden

    A 4-minute Gardening Australia segment about the joys of having a wild garden.

  • Bird guide

    A guide to the birds you can find in Sydney's parks and gardens.

  • Birds in Backyards

    Learn about our native birds, their habitats and how you can make your garden more bird friendly.

  • Backyard bug guide

    A guide to backyard bugs in Australia - from the CSIRO.

  • FrogID

    Discover which frogs live around you.

  • Gardening with Angus

    Angus Stewart, the native garden guru from ABC TV's Gardening Australia program shares lots of helpful information, tips and videos about using native plants in our gardens.

  • Garden netting

    Garden netting can injure birds, mammals and reptiles. See how you can use the 'finger test' to work out if yours is safe.

  • Growing Habitat

    This lovely 5-minute video from ABC TV's Gardening Australia program shows Angus Stewart visiting the garden of one of the first participants in our Habitat Stepping Stones program.

  • Habitat Network

    For more information about creating habitat.

  • How to build a frog pond

    Build it and they will come!

  • Insect hotels

    Wonderful inspiration and information about creating insect hotels.

  • Invertebrate guide

    A quck guide to identifying Australian invertebrates, produced by the Australian Museum.

  • Pool to Pond

    Another 5-minute video from ABC TV's Gardening Australia program, this time all about turning your old swimming pool into a pond full of life!

  • Sustainable Gardening Australia

    Loads of helpful information about creating a sustainable garden, including tips on designing your garden, growing veggies, solving problems and setting up a community garden. There's even a free monthly newsletter!

  • Wildlife Rescue - NSW

    Phone WIRES on 1300 094 737 for rescue help and advice.

  • Wildlife Rescue - QLD

    Phone Wildcare Australia (07) 5527 2444 for rescue help and advice.

  • Wildlife Rescue - SA

    Phone Fauna Rescue of SA on (08) 8289 0896 for rescue help and advice.

  • Wildlife Rescue - VIC

    Contact Wildlife Victoria for rescue assistance plus lots of How-to-Help fact sheets.

Join a community group

  • Bushcare NSW

    Volunteer bushcare groups around New South Wales.

  • WildThings NSW

    A community group helping to promote and protect urban wildlife.

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